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Dr Anil Bhansali, has been awarded Prof.Sircar-USV oration Award for the year 2008 in UPDACON-08 at Mathura on 1st November 2008.

UPDA Fellowship has been awarded to Dr. Om Kumari, Noida,Dr. Brij Mohan, Kanpur and Dr. Ram Chandra, Lucknow on 1st Nov.,at Mathura in UPDACON-08 ADA Guideline 2008 Uploaded

World Diabetes Day programme organised by UPDA. A Type 1 DM girl patient Ms Arunima inaugrated this programme with Prof Sircar & President IMA-AMS Prof Sunita Tewari, keeping in mind IDF theme of the year "No Child Should Die of Diabetes". more...

UPDA Conference 2006
UPDA Conference 2007
UPDA Conference 2008 to be held on 1st and 2nd November 2008 at Mathura. For further details and registration contact Organizing Secretary, UPDACON-08 Dr Vipin Kumar Vipin Nursing Home Krishna Nagar Mathura-281004 Phone: 0565-2420736, 2420738 Mobile: 9837088809 e-mail:

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UPDA  Conference -2013


4th-5th October,2013

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